The Menino Diaries,┬áillustrated conversations with my little human – Part I.

I hope anyone who stops by will enjoy reading the diary.

I hope Menino will enjoy it, when it is time.


In Addition, If you’ll like to, here’s an audio track, a perfect accompaniment as you read the diary pages. It is the lullaby that played on many a nights when Menino refused to sleep. It has been the background music of my life, apart from Menino’s cries and giggles and babble, for the last two years, and even when it is not playing on my phone, it rings in my ears and always will!

Happy Reading!


Here’s a teaser of The Menino Diaries – Part II ­čÖé


I would like to thank Lenka Clayton for her ingenious idea of Artist Residency in Motherhood that ultimately helped decide how I wanted to compile and present the diary pages that I had been making for two years.  How can I not mention Chintan, who led me to Lenka in the first place. Thank you prayered person!


In case you wish to use any part of The Menino Diaries, please email me at jamuna.inamdar@gmail.com and inform me. I will really appreciate hearing from you. Please offer suitable credits while sharing or using this content.