Folk Art

Prachi Dublay, exponent and scholar of tribal music and a singer, has remarked, “tribal music or folk music is shaped, influenced and is in constant dialogue with its surroundings. It is a response of humans to their environment and is a product of that very environment.” Even though Prachi speaks of music, what she says can be applied to the entire gamut of folk arts.

Here I attempt to explore the various folk arts or that inspiring, gratifying, exciting and enriching response of humans to their environment!

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Since time immemorial, men and women have  explored the world, their immediate and not so immediate environments, contemplating upon and celebrating nature.  Inspired by the myriad materials in nature, they have made things of great beauty, utility and significance. Having engaged and excelled in making, crafting, designing, engineering, we have continuously stretched boundaries and […]

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Image Courtesy: Signature: Patterns in Gond Art, Tara Books
The following article on Gond Art is by no means exhaustive.  Information I have read has been varied and I have not exactly been able to verify every fact  or detail.  But I will continue to update this article with each piece of information I receive that will help represent this art […]

Gond Art