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Pic Courtesy: Nalin Kumar Mishra
हा लेख पालकनीती च्या सप्टेंबर २०१८ अंकामधील आहे.  हा अंक कला विषयावर आधारित आहे। पालकनीती, पालकत्वाला वाहिलेले, पालकत्वाची जाणीव रुंदावणारे एक मासिक होय. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— रविकुमार काशी या कलाकाराची मुलाखत वाचली. कला आणि कलाशिक्षण यावर ते बोलत होते. त्यांचे बालपण, कलेची ओळख कशी झाली, बालपणात मनावर कशाचे प्रभाव होते, त्यामुळे कलेकडे […]

कला आणि बालपण

In my readings about the role of the arts in education, I have come across perspectives that emphasize the role of the arts either to understand other subjects, or ones that elaborate on how the arts can and do provide for what other subjects do not! The latter perspective is often […]

Learning with the Arts

The following post on teaching / learning Madhubani painting is written especially  for educators, facilitators, teachers who are keen on introducing their students to this art form.  I hope the information, reflections herein can help in the teaching / learning not only of Madhubani painting but of other Indian folk arts as well, primarily […]

On teaching / learning folk arts – Madhubani Paintings

I wish that several voices be heard through this website on matters related to art.  Many an artist, journalist, filmmaker are researching and writing on matters vital to the arts and humanities.  I hope that by sharing their written articles in this post, I am able to contribute in providing a more […]


PC: PARI Website
Since time immemorial, men and women have  explored the world, their immediate and not so immediate environments, contemplating upon and celebrating nature.  Inspired by the myriad materials in nature, they have made things of great beauty, utility and significance. Having engaged and excelled in making, crafting, designing, engineering, we have continuously stretched boundaries and […]

PARI – A Resource

(C) Jamuna Inamdar
In this post, I share an excerpt from an interview* with artist Ravi Kumar Kashi in which he speaks on art and art education.  In  the excerpt I share, Kashi talks to educator Lakshmi Karunakaran about his childhood, his introduction to art and early influences that shaped his artistic leanings.  While listening to Kashi recount his […]

Art and early childhood