Learning with the Arts

In my readings about the role of the arts in education, I have come across perspectives that emphasize the role of the arts either to understand other subjects, or ones that elaborate on how the arts can and do provide for what other subjects do not! The latter perspective is often heard expressed as “arts for arts sake”.

I am thankful to all those authors who have attempted to unpack this oft heard statement helping us fully realize the potential of the aesthetic experience.

The December 2016 issue, titled, “Learning with the Arts”, Teacher Plus (a monthly magazine aimed primarily at the school teacher) offers articles providing the reader with an insight into the above variety of perspectives around art and their role in education.   A very helpful reference for anyone wishing to have a broad understanding of the arts and the opportunities they provide to open up students to the world around them in “uncomplicated yet deep ways.” (Pandya. A. Teacher Plus, December 2016)

One can access a full list of articles here.

In order to access the full article from the above list, one can write to editorial@teacherplus.org


[1] Pandya, A., December 2016.  From Senses to the world.  Teacher Plus [monthly magazine]. Retrieved from http://www.teacherplus.org/2016/december-2016/from-the-senses-to-the-world



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